Loungewear from Finland

Loungewear from Finland

By carefully following the washing and care instructions on the label

 you will make sure your Nanso garment stays looking brand new.

  1. Machine wash the garment as instructed on the label.
  2. Nanso garments are now to be washed in WARM water at 40* C.

  1.  It is also good to wash the garment turned inside out.

  1. NO chlorine bleach or detergent with chlorine bleach!

  1. Spin-dry well.

  1. Gentle tumble drying is now allowed on some of the fabrics! Please check the label.

  1. Finish the garment by ironing on reverse side.

If color running is noticed after the first washing, please wash it again as instructed.

It is important to wash the garment, particularly for the first time, in warm/hot water to set the colors.